The Reason Great Women Can’t Find Men

This post on Slate by Mark Gimein posits that it’s a function of basic game theory. Great women hold out, waiting for the perfect man, until it’s too late and find that there are no even suitable men left – they’re either married or dead.

I know that the ratio of men to women shrinks the older we get but I don’t believe this explanation is entirely accurate for one simple reason. It assumes that all the remaining women of a certain age are “great.” Smart, beautiful, accomplished, and well-groomed.

This is a fatal flaw. I know that women are taught to positively affirm their greatness but, ladies, just because Maureen Dowd can’t get a date too, doesn’t mean you’re Maureen Dowd.

There are plenty of unsuitable women too; lazy, fat, uneducated, and unattractive. So before you start wondering why there are no good men left, you might want to ask yourself if you’re really a “great” catch.

To put a spin on Dowd… are women necessary???


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