Bill Clinton’s Affairs?

She faced this question once in, I think, the YouTube debate. Chelsea has had it a few times in a round about way. But what I want a debate moderator to pursue, or for Obama to bring up directly (and he won’t), is how do we know that Bill Clinton hasn’t spent the last eight year’s hound-dogging it around the globe?

You know he hasn’t kept it in his pants. So the question really is, how low did he go? That is, will the woman, or women, come out publicly?

The reason why this is an important question is not because he’s unfaithful. About that, who cares? The reason it’s important is because it will really remind people of the Clinton mess of the late 90s and they’ll reject her outright. It will become the ultimate media circus, and the people won’t want to go through that again.

Hillary assures that it’s all under control, but the fact is, no one controls Bubba’s appetites but Bubba.


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