McCain’s Got a Race Problem

I read John McCain was in Selma, Alabama this past week trying to drum up black support. It’s hard to think of a bigger waste of time for his campaign. Even if Hillary gets the nomination (which she won’t – see below) Obama will be on the ticket. He’ll get under 10% of the black vote no matter what he does.

But he’s got a bigger problem than that. There is a history of bigotry in McCain’s past. I’ve only got two pieces of evidence but they’re both pretty solid.

1) He did not vote for a national holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr. What could be the motivation for doing this? Caving to businesses that didn’t want to pay for another national holiday? That won’t satisfy black voters or any like-minded compatriots.

2) Gooks. He was apparently using the word unapologetically as late at the 2000 campaign. Then, heading into the California primary, he issued an apology. California, of course, has a large Asian population. Now, a lot of people might be willing to excuse this because McCain was tortured in Vietnam, but Asians won’t, nor will any like-minded compatriots.

And this is just what we know. My feeling? Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

McCain is going to be burned on this issue come fall. In a demographically and attitudinally changed America, bigotry is the Republican’s Achilles heel.


One Response to McCain’s Got a Race Problem

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