Sex Differences: Men and Women Are Not the Same

What seems like common sense to most people is a matter a great debate among scientists and social scientists. Mainly because the cause(s) of the differences between men and women is hard to identify. Susan Pinker’s book suggests a strong biological trigger for patterns of male and female behavior and the resultant differences between the sexes. Louann Brizendrine’s recent book essentially posits the same thing.

This, to me, seems like a no brainer. There is an important but poorly understood relationship between nature and nurture, but nature certainly is at least a co-equal part of development. The simple fact is that, biologically-speaking, women’s brains and bodies develop differently from men’s.

And that’s…okay. It’s really okay.

Apart from that, there is a political battle being fought here. It’s not that women are different, it’s that they’re discriminated against because they are different. This no longer holds water in the face of the continued advancement of women in our society. If women are not equally represented at the top of certain fields, it is not because men (or society) wouldn’t let them get there.

No one is going to stop a female Einstein from solving the deepest problems of the universe at her desk in the patent office, or for that matter, the nursery.


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