McCain’s Poor Tour Continues

McCain was in New Orleans yesterday touring the Lower Ninth Ward (which is, apparently, still a mess – see the refuse pile in the pic that accompanied the NY Times article by Elisabeth Bumiller). He called the response to Katrina disgraceful and listed all of the mistakes made by the Bush administration. No problem with this, he’s right. But you knew there was something wrong with this scene. It came later in the article.

“Democrats immediately criticized Mr. McCain as grandstanding and portraying himself as a hero of the Gulf Coast.

‘Touring the Ninth Ward with reporters can’t hide the fact that John McCain voted against billions of dollars in Katrina recovery efforts,’ Howard Dean, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said in a statement.

In May 2006, Mr. McCain was among 21 Republicans to vote against a bill that included $29 billion for Gulf Coast hurricane recovery; it passed the Senate with 71 votes in favor. His campaign responded that he opposed the bill because of unnecessary spending in it and that he was committed to the recovery of New Orleans.”

At least we know he’s a man of principle.


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