Mets, Yanks – Learn From W’s Mistakes

If you’re a New Yorker, or New York baseball fan, this article by Steven Goldman in the NY Sun might be of interest to you. If you’re not, however, it still makes a salient point that should be of interest to everyone. From the first paragraph:

“One of the odd notions that has developed in American culture, and especially in politics, is that you have to be as stupid today as you were yesterday. If a leader lets his views evolve, he’s accused of being a hypocritical, inconstant flip-flopper. This is likely why, in the current season of presidential politics, Senators John McCain and Hillary Clinton have refused to repudiate, have even embraced, certain past decisions that now seem unwise. Perhaps they would like to say that they’ve learned a thing or two since then, but they can’t — we’d pillory them for it.

Fortunately, baseball teams don’t operate under such constraints…”


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