Obama Needs to Fight

Not an original sentiment, but worth repeating. Obama and his advisers are operating under the mistaken belief that his “politics of hope” will be tarnished if he points out some very real problems with Hillary Clinton.

But if the politics of hope die for the principle, then we’re left with the same old sleazy politics anyway. Besides, Obama’s supporters, even the young ones, aren’t so naive as to believe that a politician never has to get his hands dirty. So what if Hillary says, “What happened to the politics of hope?”

Obama’s answer (delivered by surrogate): “We have a lot of hope. For instance, we certainly hope Bill Clinton hasn’t slept with any other women beside Hillary in the last eight years. We can’t risk the future of our party on Bill Clinton’s control of his sexual impulses.”


One Response to Obama Needs to Fight

  1. J. A. Carizo says:

    the problem with hope is that… it;s a universal liar 🙂

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