But Obama’s Still the Natural

The reason why this Wright business is so disappointing is because it may deprive us of a chance to have one of the great politicians of our time (maybe all time?) serve as president. It will be an enormous disappointment if this run represents the height of Obama’s political career. At the 2004 Democratic Convention, I thought this man was the future of our country. I still think that, but it’s a different future that I’m beginning to see.

Here’s Obama in his element from a Fox News blog.


2 Responses to But Obama’s Still the Natural

  1. Chicago says:

    I respect your right to support Obama, but how is he one of the great politicians of our time or maybe all time? Isn’t that a little over the top? Obama really needed to wait to run for president. He has no senior experience, and I am not just giving the Hillary line, but Bush II had more experience than Obama. Now, he’s a moron, but look what a mess the country is in. You actually do need to know how to be an executive, something Obama has never done. If you mean his vision is greater than other politicians, I would still disagree–he’s known in Chicago as a player with guys like Robert Blackwell, et al, but even there, he should have waited to develop more policy, because he doesn’t have any. You can’t hope health care into existence. Wright is not doing anything to Obama that Obama should not have expected and prepared for. But he never prepares. He just wings it.

  2. nahnopenotquite says:

    You make good points though I’m not entirely convinced that executive experience is necessary to run government well. Bush failed where Obama might succeed. And clearly he is one of the great politicians of our time (and could be for all time, we’ll see). After all, he’s black, his name is Barack Obama, and he doesn’t have a lot of experience. To be the likely Democratic nominee for President means he’s a superstar. I am not comparing him to Lincoln, but I see similarities. He is a flawed man who might just be the right man for the absolute train wreck that Bush will leave in his wake.

    That said, I do think you’re right, he should have waited. But he’s in the game now and I’ve got to stick by him.

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