Obama Must Reject Wright

This is beginning to get serious. Not only his Wright imperiling his candidacy, but he’s beginning to hurt Obama’s chance of even being on the ticket. I’m hoping the media buys Obama’s characterization of Wright as a nutty uncle, but this guy is proving to be a jackass. He is either unwilling or unable to see the bigger picture, and seems quite willing to harm his star parishioner.

Obama must:

  • Reject Wright forcefully.
  • Admit that he made a mistake – not only in his tempered view of Wright, but in staying in his church.
  • Apologize to America for this mistake.
  • Hillary is looking more plausible every day. And the reason is Wright. If Obama can’t get his mind around this, he may be doomed.

    Frankly, I want to win more than I want Obama, and this story is not going away.


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