Secret War with China

There is no question that despite the “war on terror” the rise of China and its military capability is the most alarming security concern for the American defense establishment.

Jane’s, the defense information consultancy, has a couple of excerpts from stories (subscriber’s can see the whole piece) about China’s new nuclear submarine base and the “hotline” between Secretary of Defense Gates and Chinese General Liang Guanglie.

And just to ratchet up the intensity a notch, here’s a story from the Telegraph (UK) about secretly fired Chinese lasers aimed at U.S. satellites.

Along with the Beijing Olympics, this ongoing brinksmanship will make for an interesting summer.


3 Responses to Secret War with China

  1. B. King says:

    I think more needs to be done with China. We are working with this nation on a regular basis, despite that they have been known to violate human rights and oppress other nations. While I do not support foreign intervention, more needs to be done to help China down the road of least realizing it’s mistakes.

  2. […] logic. China’s GDP has grown on average by 9% per year for twenty years. They are building nuclear subs, and are planning for both asymetrical and total war. Without trying to be overly cynical, planning […]

  3. matt says:

    wow! so much for the concern, god, do something with all the media, Chinese media is controled by the goverment, western media by some of the interest groups, since when we could actually get information without objective opinion.

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