Boris Johnson Wins London

So it’s final. Tory eccentric Boris “BoJo” Johnson has won the race for Mayor of London over incumbent Ken Livingstone. The results obviously reflect poorly on the Labour Party and on Prime Minister Gordon Brown in particular.

The conservative Tories made substantial gains across the country in local council voting, too. The big question now is: does this portend a swing to the right in the national elections scheduled for 2010?


2 Responses to Boris Johnson Wins London

  1. sengdroma says:

    I think the population is now fed up and are doing to Labour what they did to John Major before he got booted out. The biggest surprise is the Liberals are now second!!!!!

    I say go Boris, Londoners need radical and free thinking.

  2. UK Voter says:

    I think the fact that Boris Johnson is not afraid to say what is on his mind, even if that means he may fall foul with the politically correct, is both refreshing and almost unique in modern politics. He is also willing to admit his weaknesses and mistakes. This tends to make him more like the rest of us than the Livingstone’s, Gordon Brown’s and for that matter, Blair’s of this world.

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