Jim Webb for VP

Now that it’s beginning to sink in the Obama will be the nominee, it’s time to talk about a running mate. I suggest Senator Jim Webb. He’s a military man (from a family of military men), served politically under Reagan; he’s tough, principled, and direct. He beat George Allen in Virginia (i.e. the South) and the guy, in my estimation, will be their senator for as long as he wants. Plus, he’s a writer.

His conservative democratic credentials and foreign policy experience will blend perfectly with Obama, and help counter the experience question. This is the guy that will put Obama over the top in Pennsylvania and Ohio (and dare I say it? Florida?)

Lastly, Webb is sponsoring the new “GI Bill” that Bush and McCain are disgracefully opposing. Here’s Bob Herbert’s column on this yesterday. This is an issue that the Dems should use as a political bludgeon to repeatedly demonstrate Republican hypocrisy on the military.

If you can’t get behind this bill, you have no business sending anyone off to war.

Obama-Webb: The Winning Ticket
Jim Webb is the New Hillary Clinton


2 Responses to Jim Webb for VP

  1. […] as noted previously, is a military man (graduate of the Naval Academy; served in Vietnam) with a political background […]

  2. […] dreadfully wrong on the new GI Bill sponsored by Jim Webb. He’s right on the now adrift bills on housing (these will come back in another form, for […]

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