Obama-Webb: The Winning Ticket

There has been a lot of ink about Obama’s potential weaknesses matching up against McCain. Specifically, the pundits believe, probably rightly, that Obama will lose a fair number of the white, working-class voters who cast their ballots for Hillary.

This is a problem. But it can be solved by Senator Jim Webb for VP (not Hillary as Ed Kilgore ludicrously suggested yesterday in the New Republic).

Webb, as noted previously, is a military man (graduate of the Naval Academy; served in Vietnam) with a political background as Secretary of the Navy under Reagan. He beat George Allen in Virginia and is sponsoring the new “GI Bill” that is exposing Republican hypocrisy on the military. He is a direct, tough, blue-collar type who, as one Republican commenter put it, “strikes me as an honest, sincere, and well-meaning public servant.” Webb, frankly, looks like he’s never had a glass of white wine in his life.

In short, he is a conservative (white) democrat / citizen-soldier that would add experience and national security credentials to the Obama ticket. Send Webb out there speak to the Jeremiah Wright issue and people will listen.

Obama-Webb is the real unity ticket; a dream team that represents, truly, the best that America can produce. Look for it, coming soon.

Here’s Webb’s Senate website (with bio).
Here’s a video of Webb serving Lindsay Graham on Meet the Press:


4 Responses to Obama-Webb: The Winning Ticket

  1. jdw2000 says:

    I lived in Virginia during the election cycle when Jim Webb took office. Though I am a republican, I was fed up with many of the antics of the Republicans – including George Allen – and I ended up voting for Webb.

    I am impressed every time I hear Senator Webb speak, and I am glad that I used my first-ever vote for a Democrat on him. He strikes me as an honest, sincere, well-meaning public servant. Though I am not an Obama supporter, I am intrigued by your suggestion. Choosing Senator Webb would cause me to look much harder at my personal choice for president.

    Regarding the Hillary idea, I also agree that it is ridiculous. There are enough people that really dislike her and have heard enough from her (and her husband) that I think it would damage Obama’s chances in the general election – especially among the more moderate/centrist bloc of voters.


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