Dems Win Mississippi Runoff Election

As predicted, Democrat Travis Childers has won the heavily contested seat of Roger Wicker in Mississippi’s 1st Congressional district.

This is the latest of a series of significant Congressional losses for the Republicans. First, they lost the special election to replace Dennis Hastert in Illinois. That seat had been in Republican hands for 76 years (barring one term after Watergate).

Second, they suffered another loss in the special election for Louisiana’s Sixth Congressional District a couple of weeks ago. Bush carried that district by 19 percentage points in 2004 and Republicans had held it since 1975.

And now the seat in Mississippi.

There is a clear trend here. Democrats are winning in Republican strongholds; places that were once considered “locks,” places that were once considered uncompetitive. If there is one narrative that will hold true through the November elections, it is this: Republicans are facing a massacre.

Yesterday’s election is just another sign that Americans are fed up with the dishonor and incompetence of the Republican Party.


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