Edwards Is No VP

Now that John Edwards has endorsed Barack Obama speculation has begun that there was a back-room deal to put Edwards on the ticket. This is not going to happen. Attorney General? Yes. But Vice President? No way. Obama is too smart for that. Here are the reasons:

1) Jim Webb is going to be his VP. Forget Webb’s dismissive posturing, the man wants the job. For all the reasons we’ve written about, he is a perfect fit for the ticket.

2) Edwards already had his shot at VP, remember? John Kerry? And they failed. There’s no reason to give him a second shot just for a late season endorsement.

3) Edwards is perceived as too soft. The Breck girl and all that. And he didn’t even carry NC in 2004. John Edwards is another “latte-sipping” elitist liberal.

4) Lastly, he doesn’t have the experience. One term in the Senate. Trial lawyer background. Obama needs someone with foreign policy or military credentials and a set of iron balls (hence, JWebb).

If John Edwards got any deal at all (and he probably did), he’s going to be Attorney General.


3 Responses to Edwards Is No VP

  1. Julie says:

    I will side with the Republicans should the DNC force Obama on me!!!!

  2. rick says:

    obama cant get votes by having this loser endorse him. What a joke

  3. Brent2 says:

    Oh, I wouldn’t say he WON’T be Obama’s running mate. At this point it’s the white male voters that are the swing for the Democrats. Edwards would go a long way to grabbing the “everyman” and Obama is going to need that. Webb might pull more Republicans over, which would help too but I doubt he’s off the table.

    Still, I agree that he’s soft. I think he was a poor choice for Kerry. They came off as too similar. But he’s got major contrast (no pun intended) with Obama.

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