Bob Barr Set to Spoil McCain’s Bid

Newly announced presidential candidate Bob Barr of Georgia heads into next week’s Libertarian convention in Denver looking to build momentum and raise cash. To date, Ron Paul has been the darling of libertarians, and while he remains in the race and still has a pile of loot, I expect that Barr will begin to siphon off some of his support.

Since Barr has left Congress he has been an outspoken defender of civil liberties, attacking the Patriot Act and other post-9/11 anti-privacy initiatives. He is a staunch supporter of gun rights and limited government, among other favorites. Plus, he’s a little nutty.

In short, libertarians are going to love him.

And this is going to mean big trouble for McCain. My feeling is that since libertarians will shortly realize that Paul really won’t make a third party run, they’ll turn to Barr. If Barr can raise even 20% of the money Paul did, he’ll have enough to do damage. With a Republican Party that is fractured and reeling, and a population looking for alternatives, it’s easy to see Barr playing the role of spoiler. Pull 2% in Ohio and it may be the difference that swings the state to Obama.

You know McCain is pissed, and other Republicans are panicking. From an article by Aaron Gould Sheinin in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“No reasonable conservative is going to vote for anybody except McCain if the alternative is Clinton or Obama,” Gingrich said. “Barr is not an alternative.”

Define reasonable, Newt. If there is one indication that Barr will be trouble for McCain, it is this:

“Ex-Republican’s Libertarian presidential bid has GOP on guard, though experts say he may have little effect.”

If the “experts” think it, it’s sure not to come true.

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8 Responses to Bob Barr Set to Spoil McCain’s Bid

  1. 2008 is likely to be a very close election. If Bob Barr does indeed pull just 1-2% of the popular vote, possibly even a little more, he has an excellent shot at spoiling this election for that senile buffoon from Arizona. As a conservative Republican, nothing would make me happier than to see John McInsane go down in flames, and for the Libertarian Party to get the credit for such a wonderful accomplishment. I’ll happily put up with four years of President Barack Obama in order to have some shot at nominating a decent Republican Presidential candidate in 2012. Besides, at least Obama probably won’t take us into a disastrous war with Iran, while McInsane certainly would.

    Assuming he gets the Libertarian nomination, I will definitely be voting for Bob Barr. If not, well, I’ll probably vote for Chuck Baldwin. Maybe even Ralph Nader. I will NEVER vote for that crooked poltroon from Arizona!

  2. Justinian says:

    “Cutting off the nose to spite the face” is an expression used to describe a needlessly self-destructive overreaction to a problem. “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face” is a warning not to act out of pique or pursue revenge in such a way as to damage yourself more than the object of your anger. Bob Barr should stay out of the race unless he wants to do just that. He will not get elected and will enrage Republicans for helping to elect Obama. Now, what would be the point of that?

  3. MoultrieGAConservative says:

    I have consistently voted GOP for the past 30 years, but not this Fall — at least not in the POTUS and VPOTUS races. I am a conservative first, and a Republican second. I am somewhat socially conservative, but not to a fault (meaning that unlike some of my conservative brethren I believe it is neither appropriate nor desirable to attempt to legislate morality). I am, of course, fiscally conservative as well. Most importantly of all, though, I am constitutionally conservative, and that is why I cannot and will not vote for McCain under any circumstances. McCain has repeatedly shown contempt for the Constitution, the most egregious examples of which were McCain-Feingold and the Gang of 14 fiascos. That makes McCain utterly and completely unacceptable to me — period.

    If Bob Barr wins the Libertarian nomination, then I will most definitely and happily vote for Barr and his running mate for POTUS and VPOTUS respectively this Fall while possibly still voting GOP only in the down-ballot contests. The national GOP “leadership” (and I use that term VERY loosely) has wantonly squandered the legacies left to us by Ronald Reagan and the 1994 revolution. They have arrogantly abandoned the limited government principles of conservatism and, by foisting McCain upon us, they have turned their backs not only on social conservatives, but on constitutional conservatives such as myself as well. For these transgressions they deserve to take a severe beating at the polls this Fall followed by at least the next four years in the minority. Hopefully, that will serve to wake them up enough to make them realize that you don’t win by trying to be the “lite beer” version of the opposition.

    I have been disgusted with the Democrats for decades, and now I’m disgusted with the Republicans as well. It is high time for an angry plurality of American voters to break the back of the two party system. The best way to do that is to begin supporting third party candidates whenever a good one makes himself or herself available. Bob Barr is a good one. If Barr wins the LP nomination, then he has my vote and support this time. Frankly, I don’t give a damn if it costs McCain a win in November. In terms of the economy, the next four years are going to suck anyway. That being the case, we might as well let the Democrats have it so that they can take the blame in 2012. Sure, it’ll be “The Carter Years Redux,” but so what? We survived the idiot from Plains, GA. We’ll survive to fight again.

    Mitch Hiers
    Constitutional Conservative
    Moultrie, GA
    May 16th, 2008

  4. Philosopher says:

    I am a conservative, and McCain is not. However, with two or three justices of the Supreme Court likely to be changed in the next 4 years. We can’t let Obama do the picking. The press will give cover to any Democrat, so the possibility of an economic train wreck will be blamed on the Republicans anyway. The “great economy of the Clinton years” only happened after Newt and company lowered the tax rate and reduced the spending. McCain has a credible record of fighting government spending. What we are living with now is the result of Republicans acting like Democrats. I don’t see any chance of Obama acting like a Consevative. I will not vote for Barr. I voted for Perot and I got Clinton. I won’t make that mistake again.

  5. Huckabee Republican says:

    I agree with Jake and Moultrie. There is no possible a true conservative can vote for John McCain. A moderate RINO in the White House will be the end of the conservative movement and quite possibly the end for Republicans the next few decades. Our Congress is going to be overrun by liberals and Democrats. Conservatives and libertarians should be concerned about Congress more than the White House this year.

  6. Justinian says:

    John McCain is not a perfect candidate and he is certainly not a true conservative. I wish that he was, but one must deal with reality. As a conservative, I will vote for McCain because he is a far better alternative to Obama. God forbid that my sitting out the election or voting for Barr hands the election to Obama by default. The thought of that far left liberal gaining the power of the presidency, along with the liberals in Congress, both frightens and sickens me. No matter what our philosophical differences with McCain, this election is too important for the welfare of our great nation to sit it out. Conservatives must support McCain even as we call him to accountability. This will be especially important if we help him to win the White House in November. We can use that leverage to our advantage over the next four years. But if Obama wins, we will be forced to sit on the sidelines while he and the liberal Democrats proceed to destroy our country and let Iran acquire the bomb. Dangerous times like these call for a strong, courageous Commander-in-Chief and McCain would surely do us proud in that capacity. For that reason alone, we must stand together and help him to win the White House.

  7. Theodosius says:


    You make some good points, but it is McCain who needs to withdraw from the race. A vote for McCain is a wasted vote that will take votes from Barr and hand the election to Obama. By voting for McCain, you are voting to hand the government over to the left-liberals.

  8. Renee says:

    “No reasonable conservative is going to vote for anybody except McCain if the alternative is Clinton or Obama,”

    I have news for you. It’s a sad day when Americans feel they need to choose between the lesser of two evils. I sought out alternative candidates because I refuse to choose between the lesser of two evils. I found Bob Barr. Bob Barr has my vote.

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