Cell Phone Danger for Babies

In the ordinary course of life, there is no one more justifiably fearful than a pregnant woman. Knowing this, entire industries are built around the idea that by using their product or expertise you will prevent some harm from happening to your baby.

This story, by Geoffrey Lean in the Independent (UK), is going to scare the bejeebus out of parents. Apparently, in a huge study involving 13,000 children, researchers from UCLA and Aarhus, Denmark found a link between cell phone use by pregnant women and behavioral and emotional disorders in children. This follows on the heels of an announcement by an official Russian body saying “that use of the phones by both pregnant women and children should be ‘limited’.”

This research is going to change the culture, just watch. This story will be the most emailed of the year. Every trial lawyer reading it is salivating right now.


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