Israel Appeasing the Syrians?!?

Yesterday’s news that Israel is extending a hand to Syria to discuss the Golan Heights must be infuriating to the anti-appeasement crowd. But, wait, they’re doing it through Turkish intermediaries, so that makes it okay. Plus, it’s Israel doing it. And Israel never does anything wrong.

Especially now that, according to the New York Sun, Hezbollah has just reached an agreement for a 2/3 majority in the Lebanese parliament, this move seems to fly in the face of the sophomoric foreign policy argument that you only talk to your allies. But, maybe, unlike American conservatives, Israelis are simply not afraid. Maybe the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

At any rate, there is another bone-headed editorial by a couple named Thrall and Wilkins (if this is the caliber of thinker Columbia is producing we’re in trouble) about appeasement in the New York Times today. The piece lays the Cuban Missile Crisis at the feet of the Kennedy-Khruschev meeting in June 1961.


Yeah, that was it, the cause of the Cuban Missile Crisis was Kennedy’s weak-kneed appeasement, not the missiles we had in Turkey and Italy or the Bay of Pigs fiasco. It happened because Kennedy appeased!

Will some responsible adult (Kissenger? Scowcroft?) please stand and tell these half-wits to give up on the failed policies of the Bush administration?

Speaking of which, the fearmeister himself, Karl Rove (who else?), joined the party today too.


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