Belly Up to the Barr

One other piece of news over the weekend: Bob Barr, the erstwhile congressman from Georgia, has received the Libertarian Party nod to lead their ticket in November. Right now, Barr’s operating in Ron Paul’s shadow, but once Paul’s supporters realize that he won’t mount a third party run, they’ll turn to Barr, and give him their financial support too.

I, personally, am a big supporter of his candidacy. I encourage my readers to join me in supporting Barr (or Paul if he does decide to go for it) for President.

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2 Responses to Belly Up to the Barr

  1. Adrien Wild says:

    I wonder how Libertarians square Barr’s aggressive impeachment prosecution of Clinton with their values. Most people thought Barr was particularly brazen in his disregard for privacy and his overreaching in his interpretation of “high crimes and misdemeanors”.

    And anyone that watched the Libertarian convention will have notived that a lot of party members believe Baar to be a trojan horse.

  2. John Doe says:

    What the hell for man? So “Barry” Barack Hussein Obama could win the general election? Four more miserable years than anyone can imagine?
    Are you insane??

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