McCain Will Never Surrender

John McCain continues to repeat that “he will never surrender” in Iraq. This is a bit of Rovian framing that he hopes will do two things: one, keep the debate focused on his perceived area of strength, foreign policy, and two, position leaving Iraq on anything other than his timetable as “surrender.”

It’s not a bad piece of politicking. And he’ll likely repeat it throughout the remainder of the campaign. That said, it won’t work. Despite the recent gains in Iraq (now if Petraeus was running, that would be a real candidate), Americans understand that it is a giant clusterfuck with, ultimately, no good options for a successful resolution. We can support al-Maliki and the SIIC until they’re tucked in bed with the Iranians (our enemy, lest you forget) and pay the Sunnis not to fight with borrowed billions forever, but we’ll still be screwed.

To deny this, is to deny reality. But that’s all McCain has left: denial. Which is why he’ll never surrender. He’ll be fighting this battle (as I suspect he’s still fighting Vietnam) on his death bed.

What McCain really needs is just a pat on the head and a soft voice. “You do that, pops. You do that.”


4 Responses to McCain Will Never Surrender

  1. Todd Anthony says:

    Great post…I generally agree with the central tenets. While I see the economy as the number one issue in the upcoming election, I see Iraq as a close number two. There is obviously a sizeable portion of this country willing to “cut and run” while screaming, “damn the consequences.” But, I also believe a significant chunk of people don’t want us handing over Iraq to extremists on a silver platter, either. But like you said, it’s a clusterf*ck.

  2. Tim Weaver says:

    I don’t understand it. It’s clear most Americans are against the war, and Mccain is going right against our will. He could at least claim that he’ll get us out asap, he doesn’t actually have to follow through. Seems like he still has a few lessons to get through.

  3. Todd Anthony says:

    I’d like to see a poll…I’m not sure what the numbers are. I’ll grant that a sizeable portion would like to see us exit. IF we were to exit, I would rather see us do it because of economic reasons (i.e. it’s bankrupting us)…either way, I don’t think it’s a sound military move.

  4. […] it be that McCain, Bush, Lieberman, and the rest of the dead-ender neocons are wrong on Iraq? Could it be that Iraq really was the biggest strategic mistake in our nation’s history and […]

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