How Goes the Appeasing, Israel?

Ha’aretz, the venerable Israeli newspaper, reports that Israel and Syria have made progress in their talks on the “contentious issues of water, security, borders and normalization of relations.” Having talked with officials from both sides, the story indicates that there is interest from Israel and Syria in advancing to the next stage of direct negotiations.

Do hysterical American neocons know about this? Israel is appeasing. Someone should stop them before peace breaks out…

In a related story, Ehud Olmert, who some have speculated initiated the talks with Syria as a wag-the-dog manuever to deflect attention from an ongoing bribery investigation, will be in the U.S. next week to meet with American politicians and address AIPAC. Many believe his tenure as Prime Minister will be over shortly. The Israeli Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, is waiting eagerly in the wings.


3 Responses to How Goes the Appeasing, Israel?

  1. Jewlord says:

    There’s an important distinction between appeasement and diplomacy. I’m sorry you don’t see it…

  2. nahnopenotquite says:

    There is an important distinction. That’s the point.

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