Prehistoric Tribe in the Amazon

This fascinating photo is published as part of a series by a group called Survival International to support the claim that there are uncontacted tribes living in the Amazon rainforest. If accurate, you’re looking at mankind 10,000 years ago. Apparently, they have had no direct contact with the modern world. Truly astounding. They’re shooting their bow and arrows at the airplane!


4 Responses to Prehistoric Tribe in the Amazon

  1. lojah says:

    >>If accurate, you’re looking at mankind 10,000 years ago<<

    Actually you are looking at human beings right now. They are real life people and should not just be regarded as some curiostity like monkeys in a zoo. They need to be respected for who they are, not what they represent to the ‘modern scientific community’ and categorized to fit some nifty little theory of cultural evolution. Aside from that, they should be left alone.

  2. nahnopenotquite says:

    Lojah – I’m sure there is some good impulse that sparked this comment, but the moral sense behind it is faulty.

    No one is left alone in society. The world changes, groups come into contact. They are human beings (which is synonymous with mankind) in contact with other human beings now (modern, real life people who need to be respected). Trying to artificially preserve their way of life is as unnatural as putting “monkeys in a zoo.” The idea that they should, provided this isn’t some elaborate hoax, be unexamined and forgotten about is silly and unrealistic. They are a curiosity, of course. That’s why you posted about them, and that’s why you’re commenting. People of good will, anthropologists, the Brazilian government, should take care to do the right thing by them, but either now or later, their world will disappear.

    The world should be a lot of things it isn’t, but don’t blame people for being human beings.

  3. […] and downright hostile to them.  One that particularly bothered me referred to these people as “mankind 10,000 years ago.”  I argued that these are living people now, who need to be respected rather than treated as some […]

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