Obama Clinches Nomination

The AP has declared that Barack Obama has clinched the Democratic nomination for president based on a tally of convention delegates. The story, which comes ahead of an expected surge of superdelegates for Obama tonight, is the first from a major news organization.

Obama is expected to win the final Montana primary today, with South Dakota considered a toss-up (though one late poll has Hillary with a huge lead).

Needless to say, this blog is very happy with the announcement. Obama is the right man for our time. His intellect, judgment, and character will hold him in good stead through what will be a difficult first term (for all of us) as he cleans up the messes of the Bush Administration. Today is the first glimmer of hope that I’ve had since the morning of November 2, 2004. A dark veil has begun to lift from the face of the American future. We must all now come together to rise up and bring America back to its noblest, democratic ideals.

Barack Obama for President!


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