Obama vs. McCain: The Race to Come

Now that Obama has clinched the Democratic nomination for President, here’s how I predict the rest of the race will play out:

Hillary will quickly get on board (Obama will pay off her debt, possibly offer a cabinet position, but she won’t be his VP), everyone will hold hands and sing, and gun-toting Jim Webb will be his running mate. The vitriol on the part of Republicans, particularly on the blogs, will ratchet up. Talk that Dem women won’t support Obama will melt away as the reality of the Supreme Court confronts these pissed off feminists. The Dems will have a stellar and inspiring convention which will breathe passion and fire back into the Obama campaign.

Meanwhile, McCain will begin to feel some heat. There will be a perfect tsunami of bad economic news confronting the admittedly clueless Republican candidate. In addition, all the dirt under his fingernails will start to come out. He’s going to be doing a lot of triage and spinning. Iraq will continue to improve but Americans won’t be impressed (they know it’s an intractable quagmire). The Repubs will have their convention (with Jindal the surprise VP pick over Sarah Palin), heavy on the war hero stuff, and it will be flat and uninspired. Nevertheless, McCain will hang tough in polling.

There will be a few debates. They’ll be respectful, but testy at times, and won’t change much. It will get really nasty on the blogs and in the media. Jeremiah Wright will be back, as will McCain’s g-word and no-vote on MLK, Jr. day (and lots more too). The race will be close. But in the end, Obama will win comfortably by taking Pennsylvania and Ohio, and the Dems will solidify their hold on both houses of Congress (it will be a bloodbath).

And that will be the beginning of the end of our long national nightmare. We will party on January 20, 2009.


11 Responses to Obama vs. McCain: The Race to Come

  1. alex says:

    Hi I like your blog. I am an Obama supporter. HOWEVER…..
    I take issue with what you say about using McCain’s G-word comments against him. I don’t believe this will stick to McCain as well as you might think. I also think he’ll deny it and call it a Liberal conspiracy which will rally conservatives he has failed attract to his side.
    I also think that using the vote against MLK day will be pointless as he has already apologised and it will appear opportunisti as he will be running against Obama.

    What I do think will come up will be his connections to lobbyists and the Keating Five.

    Whoever wins it will be fascinating.

  2. Tim McFalls says:

    The Dem’s are incredible fools! You’re more concerned about McCain’s lobbyists than you are with Oblahma’s tie to communists and leftist whacko’s-which shows what you guys are all about.

  3. Eli says:

    Wishful thinking. No, more likely Obama never quite heals the rifts with women voters, and McCain will capitolize on it by picking Sarah Palin as his VP choice. Obama will piss off the feminists by choosing an old white man as VP, or taking a step backwards into a less great time by picking Edwards as Veep, or maybe he chooses some nameless female Democrat who will be viewed by the feminists as having been chosen because she was more acceptable to the “boy’s club”. Obama’s failure to choose Hillary as VP, and his inability to find a compatible running mate who brings in as much as she does, helps cost him the election. John McCain’s measley dirt under his fingernails will go away as a flurry of stunning revelations about the Obamas’ very recent past comes out, a pack of skeletons dragged from that closet with flesh still on their bones. The G-word gets buried by the revelation of the Michelle Obama “whitey” video released at the most politically convenient time. The Raila Odinga scandal is likely the last blow. Women who refuse to vote for Obama either vote for McCain or for some third party spoiler candidate who is a bit more enlightened, perhaps a feminist candidate of some sort. The Democratic hopescape evaporates. I say all of this as a Democrat voting for John McCain, who never thought he would vote against the Democratic Presidential ticket in his entire life.

  4. USMC GI Bill Veteran. says:

    Yes, the country will take a hard turn to the far left. George Soros will have won, and the American people will have lost

    The Home of the Brave will have become the Home of the tentative.

    The Land of the Free will have become the land of nanny-state.

    And America will have began it’s descent into a long national black hole…

  5. Frank says:

    God help us if the Democrats get into office. Get ready people, we going socialism very soon. I have been around a while and let me tell you the Democratic party has changed dramatically since my youth. It is closer to socialist thinking now. Tree huggers. But we as a people have forgot there are those in the world that will love to topple us, and they will, because we have lost that old American spirit.

    we are now divided and divided we will fall. This election is the start of that downfall. Beware American!!!!! start building bomb shelters again the Terrorist are also getting ready for new weaker American………. so sad!!!!! While they hugging trees and yelling lets all friends our enemies will be planning, then watch America fold like a cheap camera. Nothing I can say will change anything, because America has already spoken I picking the worst candidates I have seen in my whole life time. Good Luck America….

  6. Marross says:

    Dem women non-support of Obama will melt away?? Dream on! I don’t give a rat’s ass about the Supreme Court- there won’t be any vacancies for years. I do care about an arrogant , inexperienced face-man running our country. Obama is nothing but rhetoric. He has accomplished nothing in his 46 years except self-promotion. His sense of entitlement is only matched by his wife’s barely concealed contempt for white persons. I have voted straight Democratic for 30 years but I won’t vote for Obama. Neither will my husband or my two adult daughters. (By the way, we all have graduate degrees- in spite of Obama portraying all Clinton supporters as ignorant racists).

  7. Sheridan Bucket says:

    Oh Democrats what did you do

    You had this one in the bag and you go and nominate – by delegate math fuzzier than Grizzly Adam’s face – the weakest candidate since George McGovern. Has anyone ever backed into a nomination like this – I mean these were mindnumbing blowouts in WV etc.

    Add all the crazy preacher stuff, the most liberal voting record in the senate, the amazingly thin resume, and throw in this contrast –

    In the late 60’s early 70’s John McCain was a POW

    Obama was in an Indonesian school (where he practically grew up) registered as a Muslim –

    Cite all of the politically correct crap you want on that observation and you would be completely correct but it does not matter.

    Joe Six Pack is not going to vote for this guy. Neither is anyone else who realizes that offers of socialism and visions of far left wing utopias are not what this country should be about.

  8. shade says:

    crazy derms. loosers. you are about to loose this one too.

  9. Henry says:

    I like your forecast. We cannot be deterred by the naysayers. They are trying to drag us down with their fear and divisiveness. This is the same old vile crap that they used during the last couple elections. Any Democrat running today will get labeled as a “leftist” or a “socialist”. That’s what the Republicans do. The scare everyone into voting for them.

    The fact that they can’t handle is that they have a weak flip-flopping candidate that cannot decide whether he is the maverick or the conservative. Well, the truth is that McCain is neither. A true conservative (with all the good and bad that comes with it) would look more like Ron Paul. And a true maverick with independent instincts would look more like Mayor Bloomberg. What he really is based on all his policy stances is Bush’s third term. What’s worse is that, while Bush was a toxic combination of stupidity and arrogance, McCain rides a hazy line between senility and insanity with his hawkish war-mongering and flip-flopping.

    This time the choice is clear. Barack Obama will bring positive change to this country and restore its goodness and decency, while leading it to a secure and prosperous future.

    Obama 08/12!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jack says:

    Dream on, Obama is going down in flames. There are many HC supporters who would never in a million years vote for Obama no matter who is V.P. choice. He is not up to the task and is such an elitist and Marxist that he will ruin this country if he is elected. Nothing good would ever come from an Obama presidency. You along with a whole lot like you need to wake up. The conditions in our country are very simular to Post ww11 Germany. That is what is at stake here with an Obama presidency. At least with McCain and his admirable service as a P.O.W. we know he is Patriotic and loves and wants what is best for this country. He may be wrong but at least he will protect and defend us and not bend over backwords to negotiate away our country.

  11. Jack says:

    meant to say Pre WW2 Germany.

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