Iraq, Iran Pledge Closer Ties

Wait. I thought Iran was part of the axis of evil? Furthermore, I thought we were winning in Iraq?

This article in the New York Sun has confused me. It says that despite the fact that Iran hates America and Israel, and despite that fact that our soldiers are dying and we are spending billions of borrowed dollars there, Iraq is actually making efforts to get closer to Iran.

What’s wrong with this picture?

As America is trying to negotiate an already problematic new long-term security pact with Iraq, we hear this:

“Mr. Maliki, after arriving in Tehran, the Iranian capital, Saturday, had said his government ‘will not allow Iraq to become a platform for harming the security of Iran,’ according to the semi-official Fars News Agency.”

And, this:

“But despite American reservations, ties between the two nations continue to grow, and Iran has signed an agreement to supply electricity to Iraq and build power plants in several Iraqi cities.”

Could it be that McCain, Bush, Lieberman, and the rest of the dead-ender neocons are wrong on Iraq? Could it be that Iraq really was the biggest strategic mistake in our nation’s history and that no matter what we do there, we are screwed? Maybe I’ve got to get outside the bunker more often…this is scary…


5 Responses to Iraq, Iran Pledge Closer Ties

  1. Michael says:

    To answer your questions, I doubt it, but anything is possible. More likely, since they share a long common border and recently fought an 8 year war with each other with over a million casualties and lingering bad feelings, it is an issue of realpolitik. Iraq wants Iran to quit funding and training the militias, and is using the carrot approach to help achieve that. Even when 2 neighbors dislike each other, they usually find a way to a common agreement that allows the neighborhood to function; think the US & Russia, the US & China, etc. Also, keep in mind that Iran is Persian and Iraq is mainly Arab. These 2 groups have had historical enmity for thousands of years and are not going to make happy overnite. At this juncture I don’t see this as a big issue, but Iran always bears watching. Don’t hyperventilate just yet…even if something does happen Obama can get them to sit down and talk with him and then I’m sure they both will see the LIGHT, hug and kiss, and share a coke. Its a simple world with simple sit down and talk it over solutions when U have Obama on your side.

  2. Maybe the counter article in Reuters will help.

    Iran’s Supreme Leader is terrified that Iraq will become a launch pad for a Persian Regime Change.

    A bit more research could very well reveal the ‘neo’s’ were and are ‘dead’ right about Iraq.

  3. Michael says:

    Could it possibly be that DumBushMcHitlerBurton and the necons were thinking thats part of the plan all along???????? I mean, a 150,000 man army and air force and navy presence wedged between Iran & Syria, with another large military presence in Afghanistan on Irans northeast border???? BRILLIANT!

    Cheney/Rummy/Bush you magnificent BASTARDS! I love the smell of burnt idiocy in the morning…

  4. Yeah. Pretty much. Consider:

    Turn Iraq into a giant sucking sucker trap for Saudi rejects, wanna be Jihadis, Syrian agents and Iranian minions. Then Surge slams the trap shut and turns Iraq into a giant sucking killing machine for Saudi rejects, wannabe jihais, Syrian agents and Iranian minions.

    Also gave Iraq – and along with her new free press – all of Araby the op to see that caliphating – your choice – old school Iranian style or the new school AQ way – totally sucks.

    ‘Brilliant’ sounds correct.

  5. […] How Dangerous Is Quick-Draw McCain? The evidence continues to build that John McCain is a unstable, hot-head who lacks the judgment to run the country. With his recent belligerent talk related to the Russo-Georgian conflict, McCain follows in the footsteps of the discredited neocons who still run the White House. This small cadre of right-wing radicals has had a disastrous stranglehold on power for the last eight years (see: Iraq). […]

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