McCain, Bush, and Carter’s 2nd Term

The transcript from John McCain’s interview with Brian Williams of NBC was released and in it, McCain made a joke about Obama running for Carter’s second term. Here’s the text:

“They need a little break from– from their gasoline taxes, and they — and they know that — we’ve got to get spending under control. And we’ve got to become independent of foreign oil. Sen. Obama says that I’m running for a Bush’s third terms. It seems to me he’s running for Jimmy Carter’s second. (LAUGHTER)”

This is a charge that’s been going around on the blogs for a while now. And, as is so often the case with the hard right, it is both self-indicting and stupidly wrong. Forget the fact that McCain seems incapable of anything other than an on-his-heels, you-too attack on Obama. “If I’m running for Bush’s third term, than he must be running for Carter’s second term.” The reality is that by making the comparison with Carter in response to the Bush comparison, he is drawing a corollary between Bush and Carter. He is saying, in effect, “Bush is terrible, like Carter, and don’t try and yoke me in with him, otherwise, I’m going to shoot one right back at you.” He is, essentially, acknowledging that it is as disgraceful to represent Bush’s third term as it is, in his mind, for Obama to represent Carter’s second.

But that begs the question, if supporting Bush is tantamount to supporting Carter, why does (and did) McCain support Bush? What is wrong with this candidate’s judgment that he continues to support the worst president in our nation’s history?

Secondly, and most importantly, the only reason why McCain can make a claim that Obama is running for Carter’s second term is because our country is on a slow boat to hell, and McCain knows it. So, let’s think about this for a minute. Who’s been in charge for lo these last seven years?

That’s right, best buddy Bush. The man you compromised your principles to support. The man who has driven this country into a ditch. Obama has nothing to do with the unfolding of Carter’s second term. George W. Bush does. In fact, Bush’s second term, could be Carter’s. And John McCain is, in part, directly responsible for that.

So the next time you hear McCain or some half-wit blogger make the Carter claim, just smile, and toss them another shovel. If we’re lucky, the grave they’re digging will be big enough for every neocon in Washington.


6 Responses to McCain, Bush, and Carter’s 2nd Term

  1. Michael says:

    Hmmmmm, I see you’ve been doing those liberal yoga logic-stretching exercises again. As Fievel would say, “I don’t think so”. The reason the Carter charge sticks is that Obama’s campaign is almost a mirror-image of Carter’s “change” campaign, and includes many of the same themes. In fact the windfall profits tax is a Carter theme, as is higher taxes on everybody along with “can’t we all get along” sit down diplomacy. Maybe you were still sucking baby’s milk during Jimma’s term, but I wasn’t. I was in my early 20’s and had fallen for Mr Carter’s change vision, voted for him, and then watched as the country went to hell in a handbasket. No thanks, not again. BTW, it was OBAMA who made the charge of a Bush 3rd term a part of his campaign theme. Why is it that to respond with the Carter charge is such a terrible tack on McCain’s part? Me smells a stinking double-standard here. Quit stretching before you pull something. And study some history.

  2. joe bob says:

    Michael, let’s look rationally between Bush/Carter:

    Record high gas prices: Check
    Pathetic dollar: check
    inflation: check
    middle east instability: check (although this one is pretty much everyone)
    Economic slowdown:check

    And we really want to elect a third term, which contrary to the maverick image, McCain has supported 95% of the time and still spouts on the trail? Good luck with that

  3. Mike says:

    I would still take a third term of Bush over a 2nd term of carter.

  4. mike volpe says:

    Actually, McCain is doing no such thing as saying that Bush is as bad as Carter, and frankly whether or not his is irrelevant. bush is NOT running. The reason that McCain is trying to link Obama and Carter is that on many issues they have similar policies and furthermore both came out of nowhere, with scant experience, during periods when the public was desperate for “change”. The simple fact is that each puts far too much emphasis on negotiations. Each places far too much emphasis on world opinion, and each has policies of big government, more taxes, and more regulations. That’s why McCain is trying to link Obama to Carter.

    Frankly, for me, the biggest difference between Obama and McCain is on the issue of patriotism. McCain is a true patriot the likes of which we rarely see, and Obama has questionable credentials on patriotism. If you doubt someone’s commitment to their country, there is simply no way to vote for him. Here is how I wrote about it…

  5. Jan says:

    Well, Mike, that’s a horrible choice. But in my opinion, Barack Obama is far more a second Carter term than McCain will be a third Bush term. McCain has publicly railed against GWB. Barack Obama has Carter’s NSA as part of his team of advisors. I rest my case.

  6. Michael says:

    Joe Bob

    Were you there during those rosy Carter years? If so you will rationally remember 12-22% interest rates. What are they today? 6-9%. No comparison? check. Inflation? then 10+%, now <5%. No comparison? check. Unemployment? Then, 8.5%, now 5.5%. No Comparison? Check. Economic slowdown? If you lived them both, you KNOW there is no comparison, check. Both suffered oil shocks, but Carter never had to face anything like 9/11 and the resulting impact to the economy. Try as you might, you can’t paint it any other way. Like Mike said, I’d take a 3rd Bush term over a 2nd Carter term anyday. If you are rational, you’ll be careful how you try to compare a Carter term to anything trying to make it look good. I guess you could compare him to 1930 and MAYBE he’d look a bit better.

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