A McCain YouTube Sampler

This is the man Republicans want steering the ship during the worst economic crisis in decades:

A flip-flop that is a matter of life and death:

The dangerously confused McCain:

McCain the Angry Nut Job:

Should an economically clueless, flip-flopping, dangerously confused, tempermental crank really be the president of the United States?


2 Responses to A McCain YouTube Sampler

  1. Katie says:

    Yes, McCain should be president. Because Obama is MUCH worse.

  2. K. Dupre says:

    Obama is a great orator but is at best horribly “wimpy” on his responses. We must not have a wimpy president who doesn’t live in the “real” world.

    We need someone who is at least aware of the facts. Vote for the imperfect candidate. Vote McCain!

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