Dems Ready to Cave on Illegal Surveillance

It’s an election year, and the Dems are poised to win big, so I understand why they are doing it, but I am deeply, deeply disappointed by the news from this story by Carrie Johnson in the Washington Post.

The story reports that a bipartisan group of congressman are nearly finished ironing out a deal to extend the illegal warrantless surveillance instituted by the Bush administration. Furthermore, the legislation forwards a decision about retroactive immunity (why is this necessary unless the law was broken?) for the telecoms to U.S. district courts, where the Attorney General simply needs to certify that the spying was authorized by the president and took place in the period between September 11, 2001 and January 17, 2007 for the case to be dismissed. WTF? The ACLU is quoted as saying, “It sounds like they’ve crafted a bill that gives the president everything he wants.”

Strike another blow for the terrorists. Contact Congress now!


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