Webb of Tears: Who’s Next for Obama’s VP?

I’ve been on vacation and largely out of the loop for the last week or so, but I’ve followed the campaign in the newspaper. McCain in Latin America (huh?), the Wes Clark kerfluffle, etc., most of it routinely irrelevant. But this news hit me like an anvil. Disappointed doesn’t even begin to describe the way I feel.

To be brief, Webb was the perfect VP candidate for Obama. Assuming his decision is absolutely final (and I hope it’s not), I’ll leave the speculation as to why to others (though, just for fun, can I suggest that Obama pissed him off somehow? I swear I thought Webb wanted the job. What went wrong?)

At any rate, now that he has officially said, “Under no circumstances will I be a candidate for Vice President,” Obama must move on to his second tier choices. So where’s he going to go? Sure, this makes Hillary look more attractive, but he is definitely not going to pick her. Biden? Okay, but he’s not going to be a strong candidate in 2016. Richardson, no. Sebelius? Huge mistake. Wes Clark? Not anymore.

So who’s left?

  • Ed Rendell
  • Chuck Hagel
  • Mike Bloomberg
  • Or some unknown general
  • Right now, I’m pulling for Biden (ugh) or the unknown general. Maybe Petraeus could be coaxed into the job?

    What a way to end a vacation…

    P.S. Who am I missing that doesn’t suck? Leave a comment and give me a little hope. Just don’t tell me Claire McCaskill.


    5 Responses to Webb of Tears: Who’s Next for Obama’s VP?

    1. dee says:

      How about Feingold?

    2. Gore Vidal says:

      Al Gore. He won’t do it, but…

    3. Strong Jay says:

      Dodd might be the best choice. He’s respected, smart and libs like him.

    4. sci56 says:

      What’s wrong with Hillary? Why shouldn’t he pick Hillary? She is the most recognizable name, she experience and she brings in the hillbillies (Hill/Bill?). She would be the most exciting choice.

    5. Trustme says:

      Tim Kaine, Sam Nunn. they both suck but their names are in the mix.

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