The Caroline Kennedy Boomlet

Okay, maybe I’m making this up out of whole cloth but a Caroline Kennedy New York candidacy to challenge Hillary for the Senate or run for Governor would be a great way to reinvigorate the Kennedy brand while putting a beloved and, I’ll wager, top-notch politician in office.

Roll with me on this…

Kennedy is a graduate of Harvard and Columbia Law, and the co-author of two very serious books. She’s an attorney, and a mother, who has been deeply involved in a number of important civic and charitable groups including running the Kennedy Library Foundation. She has been the most recognizable Kennedy face during this campaign and she is currently serving on Obama’s VP search committee. Assuming she doesn’t pull a Cheney and somehow wind up with the job herself, what’s next for her?

Perhaps a political appointment of some kind in 2009, say, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and then, rolling into 2010, the Democratic primary for governor. She’s always been a loyal Democrat and David Paterson, the blind Lt. Governor who ascended to office when Spitzer got busted, will undoubtedly run for the office. The problem is he won’t stand a chance against Giuliani or Bloomberg, never mind the rapacious Andrew Cuomo. In a sense, she’ll have no choice but to run, otherwise the state falls into the hands of, well, Bloomberg wouldn’t be so bad, but Giuliani would be a nightmare and would have to be stopped at all costs. So you see the possibilities. How exactly does Giuliani attack Caroline Kennedy?

But let’s say she skips 2010 in preparation for taking on Hillary in 2012 (only a woman, and only a woman as famous and admired as CK could do this). This would be divine justice for the revolting campaign Hillary ran against Obama (Hillary feminists aren’t the only ones who are mad), and would put, if she won, an actual New Yorker in a seat once held by her uncle Robert. Can you imagine the ads for this?

If all goes well this fall, Obama will sweep into office, along with a Congressional landslide, and usher in a new, post-1968, period in American politics. The little girl who bravely faced a future without her father way back in that decade might just be ready to seize the mantle of her family legacy and join the movement. The time for her to do so is ripe.

3 Responses to The Caroline Kennedy Boomlet

  1. dee says:

    she should wait to 2012 and go after hillary

  2. Greg says:

    Senator Caroline Kennedy _S

    I like it . The Clinton’s and their DLC = GOP

  3. 4Heavenssake says:

    Skip the conquering Hillary bit. Hill’s actually doing a good job for NYers (and when called upon for the rest of the US too), despite how many of us feel about how she poorly handled the Obama biz. Admit it!

    Caroline should go for a different office — at least for starters.

    Caroline Kennedy, President of the United States of America: 2012 and 2016 or 2016 and 2020!

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