The Iran Policy Two-Step

Could there be any greater acknowledgment that Barack Obama is right about talking to our enemies than the news that the Bush administration will send a high level diplomat (#3 at State, William J. Burns) to Geneva to meet with the Iranians?

Could there be any greater indication of the enormous opportunity cost of the previously childlike (and perfectly in character) Bush administration negotiating policy vis-a-vis Iran?

Could there be any more “welcome” a flip-flop by the Bush administration? My only fear is they will use this meeting as an excuse to say they tried negotiations and they failed, so we have to bomb.

Could there be a greater a second act revival than Condi Rice? No excuses for Condi’s terrible failures as National Security Adviser, but she is actually doing a pretty good job as Secretary of State. This must have been a difficult one to pull off and it will be interesting to hear how she did it.

Could there be a more uncomfortable position for John McCain (and the whole anti-appeasement crowd) to be in? He is now forced to defend a policy that every reasonable person knows is stupid and belligerent against the current administration and the next one.

Could there be any greater joy than is seeing John Bolton, Joe Lieberman, Dick Cheney and the rest of the neocons being made to look like jackasses by their former chief enabler?

Just asking.


3 Responses to The Iran Policy Two-Step

  1. titop says:

    this is a long overdue policy correction by bush. I see in the story this morning that Bolton is saying that they’ve had an intellectual collapse. thank god. this guys insults intellectuals everywhere.

  2. SIMON says:

    Agreed. But we’ve got to be cautious about these negotiations. The difference between W. and O. is that Obama has stated that he will have direct negotiations with Ahmadinejad without preconditions. That would be stupid. First send over diplomats, open the interests section in Tehran, see where that goes. Taking it slow is okay. Every problem can’t be solved overnight with a smile.

  3. wall-e says:

    The Iranians cannot be trusted period. They will never get a nuke.

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