The Dark Knight and Mamma Mia!

In general I studiously avoid the summer blockbuster movies because, well, they always suck. Every summer, however, there are one or two that I find irrestible. This summer I felt I had to see the Indiana Jones movie (it was mediocre). Last summer, it was The Simpsons Movie (a disappointment), and the summer before that Superman (also sucked).

Now there are two more that I want to see. The Dark Knight and Mamma Mia. Both were reviewed in the New York Times this morning. Manohla Dargis gave The Dark Knight an excellent review that makes the movie sound like a brooding, “pop-Wagnerian” minor masterpiece.

A.O. Scott panned Mamma Mia! as a piece of disorganized fluff. Still, he doesn’t hate it. It sounds, basically, like an Abba music video set on a Greek Island with lots of campy fun and beautiful things to look at. (Wait, am I gay?). To me, this sounds like two hours of mindless summer escape.

At any rate, I’m tempted, and will probably go (if I can find the time). I let you know if, as usual, I’m disappointed.


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