Bush Punked by the Iraqis

What else would you expect? For the second time in the last week, an important Iraqi official has come out and said that they want the Americans out of the country by 2010. By almost every declared measure, it’s now time to start planning for our troops to come home (and/or to be sent to Afghanistan).

  • The Iraqi troops have stood up, so now we can stand down.
  • Bush has repeatedly declared that we are in Iraq at their pleasure.
  • The Iraqis have a constitution, a government, elections, a standing army, and a popular desire to see America leave.
  • The bottom line is that the surge has worked and we have won (we are not “winning” as McCain keeps desperately declaring. We have won! BTW, have you noticed that McCain’s campaign is down to a single plank – he was right about the surge, and therefore, he should be president?)

    The only remaining issues are the political benchmarks, which are, frankly, Iraqi problems.

    You could make the argument that Iraq will descend into chaos if we depart; on that, you’ll get no argument here. But as my mother used to say to me, “you should of thought of that before you did it.”

    The bottom line is, our troops are victorious and it’s time to leave. By all means, keep an eye on the situation, but keeping troops in Iraq until the Shia, Sunni, and Kurds all decide not to hate each other will have us there forever. There will never be a “good” time to go.

    Bush is without negotiating leverage; he has been embarrassed like the punk he so obviously is. The White House is left to sniff:

    “We don’t think that talking about specific negotiating tactics or your negotiating position in the press is the best way to negotiate a deal,” White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said, suggesting that Dabbagh was responding to domestic pressure.

    This is what it has come down to.


    3 Responses to Bush Punked by the Iraqis

    1. Jan C says:

      You’re really pushing this idea, huh? The only problem is we haven’t won if there is a civil war after we leave.

    2. nahnopenotquite says:

      I am pushing the idea for two reasons. 1) The soldiers have done a good job and it’s disgraceful that McCain would try to hold the idea of defeat and dishonor over their heads because we pull out before HE wants us to. And 2) The civil war is inevitable and we should not get involved militarily. Here’s my prediction: The Shia will consolidate power and wage a civil war against the Sunni. The Kurds will stay out of it and be left to semi-autonomy. Our job will be to help the region find piece through diplomacy and support of allies. Should we take sides in that civil war? There is no good answer for that. We can only hope to ensure that something worse than Saddam doesn’t comes into power. And we can probably do that the same way we kept Hussein in check before we made the mistake of invading.

    3. tropo says:

      The surge is not the only reason. The Mahdi army is voluntarily standing down and we’ve bribed the Sunnis.

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