Please God, Anyone But Evan Bayh

The man is a haircut posing as a senator. I don’t know how he’s done it thus far, but his success doesn’t speak well for the people of Indiana (hello Dan Quayle). Here are the reasons Barack Obama should NOT pick Evan Bayh as his VP.

No Foreign Policy Credentials. This now seems less imperative than it did before Obama’s successful oversea trip, but it is still an important consideration. Watching Bayh question David Petraeus in April, I was left with two distinct impressions. The first was that Bayh posed needlessly hostile questions to a man who outclasses Bayh just by breathing. The second was that Bayh was out of his depth in military matters. His questions were not insightful or probing, nor did he seem genuinely interested in the answers. It was as though he was putting on a performance. I swear I think I saw him run his fingers through his hair.

He Supported Hillary Clinton. Obama seems very capable of forgiving and forgetting, but Evan Bayh did bet on the wrong horse. It makes for easy work when Republicans can make commercials depicting your own VP being critical of you.

Indiana Borders on Illinois. I know I dismissed this issue when discussing Feingold for VP (after Webb dropped out, Feingold became my pick), but you have to be an outstanding VP candidate to dismiss regional proximity altogether. The Chicago media market penetrates well into Indiana and Obama is ahead already there according to RCP by a half a percentage point. There is a good chance that he’ll win the state anyway.

He Voted For Iraq. Unlike Feingold, Bayh voted for the Iraq war. This, obviously, conflicts with Barack Obama’s principled opposition to the war, and makes him a difficult fit on the ticket. If, as Obama has said, he really wants an independent Washington outsider, Bayh would not be your choice. His father, Birch Bayh, was a senator from Indiana for almost 20 years.

He’ll Lose in 2016. I’m guessing that feasibility as a successor has something to do with Bayh’s name cropping up all the time. As far as I can tell, the only reason for this is because he’s tall and good-looking. The problem with this is Americans only like tall and good-looking (in politicians) when it’s coupled with intelligence and masculine charisma. Kennedy, Clinton, Obama – they all have/had it. John Edwards, Dan Quayle, Evan Bayh – not so much. Like Edwards, Bayh is cloying and false; like Quayle, he is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

The bottom line here is that Evan Bayh is a John Edwards/Dan Quayle pick that brings nothing to the ticket except someone who the ladies find attractive. America does not need an all GQ ticket. Though it may not hurt Obama this time around, Bayh could be a serious problem in 2012. These next four years are going to be tough. And no one likes the pretty boy who’s had it easy his whole life when they can’t afford milk and bread.

The right choice is Feingold. And if not Feingold, then Biden. And if not Biden, than anybody but Bayh.


14 Responses to Please God, Anyone But Evan Bayh

  1. salo says:

    I still believe Webb will be his VP. I won’t accept anyone else.

  2. Miande says:

    Though you have gone demented about Feingold (not that it matters, he has no chance of being picked), you are absolutely on the money about Bayh. Myself, I believe the unbeatable VP pick would be Hagel, but there is little to no chance of that.

  3. Justin says:

    Miande and you obviously know nothing about Bayh aside from your own distorted opinions of him. It’s no wonder your incredulous “op-ed” (if you can call this sophmoric rant that) is being prominently featured on the conservative “Real Clear Politics” website … Bayh is who they are most afraid of.

  4. salo says:

    Justin – Yes, I’m sure the Republicans are quivering at the prospect of an Evan Bayh candidacy. Oh, no, not Evan Bayh…please… Wake up. There is only one perfect VP candidate and he’s going to be the surprise – Jim Webb. He is going to change his mind.

  5. Tom J says:

    You obviously don’t know much about Evan Bayh, so what compelled you to write this? I also have some very bad news for you. READ IT HERE:

  6. Jack says:

    I am much more impressed with Senator Bayh than you are. But that is beside the point.

    It’s becoming more apparent every day that Senator Obama needs someone on the ticket who can appeal to those large pockets of Hillary Clinton supporters not yet reddy to support Obama. Next to Hillary herself, Byh would be a good choice because of his strong support of Hillary in the primaries.

    And Senator Obama better bring as many Clinton supporters as he can into the tent. It’s really ominous that he can’t seem to pull away from the petty, cranky old man running against him. I supported Hillary with all my heart and now I am supporting Obama.

  7. gizmo says:

    It’s Wes Clark for me. The guy brings awesome military credentials, and it’s not hard to imagine him as President someday. But Obama wimped out and distanced himself from Clark when Wes made the perfectly reasonable point that getting shot out of an airplane doesn’t qualify one for the Presidency, so I’m not holding my breath.

  8. lindiana says:

    Progressives in Indiana HATE Bayh. He is a suit with absolutely nothing inside but ambition. Think Mitt Romney

  9. Herman says:

    Sebelius announced as V.P. candidate, General Clark announced as prospective Secretary of State. Not one, but two people out there campaigning for you, Obama, one of whom comes from a toss-up state (Arkansas), is a former Rhodes Scholar with a master’s degree in economics from Oxford, former NATO commander, military expertise to offset your own lack of experience, the other with executive expertise, being a highly regarded governor.

  10. Dollface says:

    I’d be happy with Biden or Richardson. Not a fan of Bayh. Great post!

  11. adam says:

    I’m from indiana and horrified by the idea of Bayh as a v.p. Bayh will bring the energy and excitement of this campaign to a screeching halt. there are many good candidates for vice out there just see some of the ideas posted here… but NOT BAYH. I would hate to see this campaign lose in november because of dan quayle II.

  12. for real change says:

    Hoosiers know Bayh and his wife to be among the most phony and self-centered people in the state. He will sink Obama’s ship if selected.

  13. Dave says:

    lindiana, you couldn’t be more right about Bayh: He is a suit with absolutely nothing inside but ambition.

    Just like Obama.

    And in that respect, he’s a lot smarter than the blog author would like to give him credit for.

  14. Dave B says:

    I agree 100% with you. Bayh is worthless. I’m from Indiana, and I hate Bayh. The guy is an empty suite. He has done NOTHING for our state. In fact, he’s made himself and his wife very rich. He’s a typical Washington insider, all talk and NO action. I hope he gets soundly stomped next election. I wouldn’t vote for Bayh for dog catcher. We do know that he is a very good brown noser. Bayh sucks. This bag of hot air MUST go!

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