Proof McCain is a Racist

It was inevitable that the issue of race was going to reemerge in the presidential election. Personally, I thought it would happen after the conventions, but Republicans, undoubtedly scared by the polling that showed Barack Obama opening a large lead on McCain (yes, this happened) after his overseas trip, have decided to come out guns blazing.

So far they are doing a good job. The media, led by Drudge, is letting the McCain camp’s relentless assault define the public agenda. Race, Jeremiah Wright, Michelle Obama are all coming back for sure. McCain is a lying creep, of course, and his championing of civility is merely a pose. They are going to throw the kitchen sink at Obama.

So it’s time for Obama, not merely to play strong defense, but to go on offense. And the first place he should go (through surrogates), is to find some footage of John McCain calling the Vietnamese “gooks” and contrast it with the apology he made for doing so. Why, the commercial will ask, would John McCain apologize for something that isn’t racist?

From an earlier post on this issue:

“I hated the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live.”

John McCain was using the g-word unapologetically as late as the 2000 campaign. Then, heading into the California primary, he issued an apology. California, of course, has a large Asian population. Now, some of people might be willing to excuse this because McCain was tortured in Vietnam, but many people won’t.

His defenders will say that this is old news and that he apologized, but why did it take him so long? And why wait until it’s politically expedient? Imagine a man held hostage and tortured by Africans. Then imagine him using the n-word to describe them right up until, say, the South Carolina primary. It’s unimaginable, and deeply offensive. John McCain has every right to hate his former captors, but it is nothing – nothing – to change the word you use to describe them from one that characterizes their race to one that characterizes their morality. I suggest f**kers.

Now here’s another thought experiment. Imagine a black woman, say Michelle Obama, heard stories from her great-grandmother about slavery. Crackers, her great-grandmother called them. Now imagine out of a sense of love and outrage (and personal experience, let’s say, hypothetically, down south), Michelle Obama continued to use the word cracker to refer to certain white people up until the big Iowa primary, and then apologized.

Who here thinks Barack Obama would be the Democratic nominee?

He wouldn’t, because she would be tarnished as a racist. And rightfully so.

The media is desperate to make race an issue in the presidential campaign. They are taking the press releases and emails of the McCain campaign and turning them into news. But here’s a story just waiting to be revisited. Where are all the journalists on this one?

John McCain is a racist and he is getting a free pass.

P.S. It would be perfect if Jim Webb would reconsider being Obama’s VP. His “gook” wife would surely be an asset.


10 Responses to Proof McCain is a Racist

  1. Chuck Prentiss says:

    Aside from being a racist — if McCain ever had any principles, they are long gone. The Ex-Maverick has sold his soul to the Devil to try to win this election. McCain is now Bush the Third. Do the American people really want someone without a soul in the White House?

  2. Sanj says:

    Are you crazy? McCain was held hostage and tortured for five years. He has the right to call them whatever he wants. I’d like to see what you’d say after five minutes in the same position

  3. Jbeed says:

    sanj – we live in a free country so he can say whatever he wants but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be called on it. i doubt very much that asians like to hear the g-word used under any circumstances. everyone honors mccain’s service. that doesn’t mean he gets to do whatever he wants.

  4. Winslow says:

    the point about using a moral rather than racial description is absolutely right. And mccain is a demented creep.

  5. Sweet Jane says:

    McCain is a f**ker!

  6. asdf says:

    Sanj is exactly right. McCain was calling the people who tortured him gooks. Not anyone else. There is a distinction to be made there. It’s a harsh word, but we were at war and soldiers use rough language. Give the guy a break and knock it off with the racial accusations. It was actually Hillary who tried to use race against BO. Besides, we could all use a little more salt in our diet.

  7. Ron says:

    McCain is also an arrogant sexist. Lets here some more of his war stories told has recently as this Spring, bragging about his ventures at strip joints on a regular basis as a fighter pilot. Lets also here about he cheated on his first wife on multiple occasions after his first wife suffered serious injuries in an accident. In short, McBush, there’s enough dirty laundry to go around.

  8. Screwbini says:

    So according to asdf, if McCain had been held hostage by Africans it would be okay if he referred to his captors as “niggers” because after all we were at war and soldiers use rough language? And besides, he would only be talking about the people who tortured him, not anyone else. Do you see how silly that argument is? To call people of Asian descent “gooks” is racist, plain and simple. Stop trying to sugar-coat it,

  9. In Korea says:

    Listen, “gook” comes from a Korean word… not Vietnamese… for the intelligent in this post, if any. “Mi Gook” means American in the Korean language. During the Korean war, ot the Vietnamese war, the Koreans said to the Americans “Mi Gook”, when referring to their nationality. The Americans heard instead: “Me Gook” and mistook it for the Koreans attempting to speak English, i.e. “I am Gook. Since the GIs “heard” all the Koreans referring to themselves as “Gook” they thought that was what they wanted to be called.

    The negativity in the word came after when the racist anti-openminded movement gave it the spin. As usual, negativity perseveres over common sense. Its sad that someone else’s language needs to come to America to be distorted into racial hatred.

    Anyway, go to Korea. When you (an American) meet a native Korean who does not speak English well, they will ask “Mi Gook?” to you, asking: “Are you American?” Then see how easy it is to think they are saying “Me Gook.”

    For those who never studied Hanguel, the language system in Korea designed 400 years ago by their king, the Korean letter that is translated to “i” is pronounced very much like the American “long e.”

  10. Yana says:

    I know former soldiers who refer to Asians as Gooks and who refer to all Arabs as Ragheads – let me assure you – they are not trying to refer to these people in a nice way because of a language error. Sure soldiers refer to the enemy using derogatory or dehumanizing words, but when the war is over and these ex-soldiers continue to refer to people using terms like Gook or Raghead – it proves that they are truly racist. Period. No excuses. The non-racist people stop referring to different races using these derogatory and dehumanizing names after the war is over – sorry to anyone who tries to make excuses for the racists they know and love.

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