Why Isn’t McCain Doing Better?

Despite the coordinated effort of conservatives to create doubts about Barack Obama by wondering in public why he isn’t doing better in the polls (Rove, Hansen, yesterday alone), Obama continues to hold a slight lead on John McCain. According to RCP, Obama is ahead by better than the margin of error (MoE) in nationwide polling. He leads in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and is within the MoE in Florida.

In short, for a black guy with a Muslim name and a dark-skinned black wife, he’s doing fucking great.

Republicans are working this angle as a means to attack Obama. Yeah, they want you to say, why isn’t he ahead by more? After all, the economy is tanking. Gas is more than $4 a gallon. The black guy should be up by ten points. There must be something wrong with him.

But the better question is, why isn’t McCain surging?

He is a white, establishment war hero with a beauty queen wife. His main (only) issue, Iraq, is going very well largely because of a tactic he advocated long before it was fashionable. America loves a maverick. This guy should be ahead by ten points.

Obama, frankly, has been lucky. He’s going to have to start firing back in order to maintain and expand his lead. He will have to remind voters of McCain’s weaknesses. McCain is a man without a clue on the economy who hired Phil (Quit Whining) Gramm as his chief economic adviser. He is a Washington insider who has coasted through life on his father’s connections and wife’s fortune (yeah, I know, McCain will bring up the POW thing. It doesn’t qualify him to be president). Lastly, he is deeply dishonest, old, and more than a little unstable. He is not fit to run a pet store, never mind the White House. Obama needs to remind Americans that if they want a full scale war in the Middle East all they have to do is push the lever for McCain.

Right now, Obama is benefiting from Bush fatigue, but, make no mistake, McCain is the favorite in the race. Obama has to watch his back and hit McCain in his many, many weak spots as hard as he can.


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