The Hillary Hags Are So Over

Now that Barack Obama has announced Hillary Night at the Democratic Convention it is absolutely time for the Hillary Hags to call it a day. I enjoyed their antics – the weak organization, the outsized press coverage, the outraged feminist sputum – at first, but their act quickly grew tired. My feeling now? Please go ahead and vote for John McCain. Feed his coffers. Stay away from the Democrats.

Of course, that won’t happen in a million years and everyone knows it. Just say the word “abortion” and these women will sprint to the voting booth for Obama, threats to the contrary aside. So, ladies, accept your candidate Barack (He’s a Man) Obama and please stop whining.

To which the Hillary Hags would undoubtedly respond: “We won’t stop until we decide to stop.”

OK, don’t. You’re so not important anymore. Hillary will have her celebration (and this, believe me, is more than she deserves. Those people in Appalachia were not voting for Hillary Clinton, they were voting against Barack Obama.) And these 40,000 or so women, whose lives are wrapped up in Hillary’s candidacy, can just talk and hug it out in private (or in public, it doesn’t make a difference). No one will pay attention anymore.

I do have to say, for entertainment value, reading about this furor has been fun. Nothing gives me more pleasure that to see the various factions of the identity politics coalition tear themselves apart. Can you imagine the mental gymnastics necessary for a black, feminist woman to have to make to reach a decision? For this reason alone, Barack Obama is worth supporting.

At any rate, cheers to the Hillary Hags. Enjoy the convention, gain catharsis, and have fun in the voting booth.


6 Responses to The Hillary Hags Are So Over

  1. Lady Bird says:

    A little misogynistic, no? STFU? Sorry it’s so upsetting to you but Hillary was and is the better qualified candidate. We’re not loyal to her because she’s a woman but because she was the better of the two.

  2. Man says:

    Lady B –

    1) She was the lessor of the two.
    2) It has everything to do with her gender.
    3) You are a bunch of stupid hags.

    You would actually harm the party and the greater good because Obama’s got a penis between his legs? Grow up. Your every problem isn’t a result of men.

  3. A View from Canada says:

    Lady Bird – She lacks the most important quality: votes.

    It is no more fair to assume misogyny than it is to distort your comments into proving that, since you aren’t for Obama, you must be racist.

  4. Jill says:

    Good stuff.

    However, if by hag your mean women, you’re missing all the men Hillary-hangeroners.

    It takes so much more energy to be positive than negative. The Pumas are so glad to be sad. A little burning ember of bitterness can keep them warm all day. The Puma site reads like a core of 100 hyperactive, dyspeptic people who mutually fan their sparks of self-pity.

    I’d have gladly voted for Senator Clinton if she had won. She’d have been good. But if she couldn’t beat Obama, she surely couldn’t beat McCain.

    I’m appalled that the older Pumas treat the abortion issue like its no big deal. If they’re over 50, they remember that the word abortion was usually co-joined with the words coat hanger. Its an abomnination to allow McCain to bring that back.

  5. Tom says:

    Ah, the stupid leading the blind and trying to tell people they are not needed. I’m a guy you moron. And, I wont vote for your candidate. You will have to rig the election by stealing my ballot from my cold dead hand first.

    I will vote McCain. Not because I’m some Repug in hiding or some other such non-sense. But because I’m a centrist, and Obummer is a ultra-leftist (also known as extremist). So, go on, tell people like me that our votes are not needed. And, I’ll see you crying into your glass the day after the election.

    Have a nice race.

  6. Richard says:


    All this bickering about Hillary, Obama and how President Bush screwed up this country has been entertaining. The “feel good” Democratic Convention, that has utilized the best writers in the entertainment business, has plucked heart strings from Mom’s apple pie to every siblings experience. All the pre-ordained speeches were given exactly as planned. Joe Biden and the Clintons have been bonded together as the only posible, rational cure for this countries ailments. Tears flowed in the audience and all murmered “we are now united in our cause”. The claims of upcoming change and the repairing of all that is wrong with America heightens the climax of “Vote for Obama”. We have certianly been entertained.

    The election of a President to lead this country is primarily decided in the trenches by those who offer the most acceptable solutions and appeal to those concerned with this countries problems. So far the Dems have fallen short. The time is near and many of both parties are still waiting to see what they offer. When asked what they will do we hear general statements and not factual presentations. The problems we face are real. Spiraling economic problems, health care, illegal immigration, education, war, out-of-control social programs and excessive spending for starters. Hollywood can’t make these dissapear. Feeling good won’t solve them. If Obama wants to win this election he must start now by informing America on exactly how he is going to go about doing so. I don’t agree with most of what McCain offers to repair our problems but at least he has plans that are comprehensive and somewhat practical. Its’ time to cease the impersonation of Presidential potential and bathing in the limelight of hysteria. Obama needs to start informing the voting public on what exactly he has planed for our United States of America. Thats what most think of when behind that voting curtian……

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