Why Does the MSM Ignore the G-Word Issue?

I’ve continued to write about John McCain’s use of the g-word right up until the California primary in 2000. At that time, realizing that California has a large Asian population (another example of his politically calculating nature), he apologized for using the term, recognizing that it was racist.

My blog attracts a small and growing readership, but I am not, by any stretch, a well known voice. So when the “race card” issue surfaced, I thought mine would be one tiny part of a chorus of outlets that pointed out that McCain does have a racist problem in his past. True, it isn’t related to black people (although he did vote against the national holiday for MLK, Jr.), but it does provide important context to this ongoing story. I was wrong.

I know every informed MSM journalist and blogger out there already knows about this issue, so why, I wondered, were they all ignoring it. I emailed a number of larger blogs, commentators, and MSM news organizations to find out why, but no one responded. My guesses?

1. They feel it somehow isn’t relevant or that McCain’s torture by the North Vietnamese excuses it.
2. They feel it would harm Obama to bring up race in any way.
3. They feel it would be harmful to McCain.

In any case, his proud and ongoing use of the g-word was racist. Here’s why:

“I hated the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live.”

John McCain was using the g-word unapologetically as late as the 2000 campaign. Then, heading into the California primary, he issued an apology. California, of course, has a large Asian population. Now, some people might be willing to excuse this because McCain was tortured in Vietnam, but many won’t.

His defenders will say that this is old news and that he apologized, but why did it take him so long? And why wait until it’s politically expedient? Imagine a man held hostage and tortured by Africans. Then imagine him using the n-word to describe them right up until, say, the South Carolina primary. It’s unimaginable, and deeply offensive. John McCain has every right to hate his former captors, but it is nothing – nothing – to change the word you use to describe them from one that characterizes their race to one that characterizes their morality. I suggest f**kers.

This story should come out. Give McCain a chance to explain why he isn’t a racist. Ask him why he apologized if the use of the word was acceptable given the circumstances. Let Obama weigh in. It is relevant and it is news. I promise you that most Americans have never heard this story.


2 Responses to Why Does the MSM Ignore the G-Word Issue?

  1. mcteague says:

    It’s a good question. You complete understand the anger, but wtf? Just use a different word. Maybe Rick Warren will bring it on Sunday.

  2. tchen says:

    The real reason the MSM ignores it is because Asians are seen as compliant and docile. They are safe to offend sono one has to make a big deal out it. Complete double standard. Asians know about this and McCain definitely doesn’t have the “gook” vote.

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