Georgia: Smart Move or Miscalculation?

The Middle East Strategy at Harvard (MESH) offers a broader strategic look at the Russo-Georgian conflict in a post on its blog. What is MESH?

MESH is a community of scholars and practitioners who are interested in the formulation of U.S. strategic options for the Middle East; it is a project of the John M. Olin Institute for Strategic Studies at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs.

Got that?

At any rate, this post by member Walter Laqueur, and the subsequent comment by a professor at George Mason, pulls the lens back to take a quickie strategic view of the landscape surrounding this mini-war, in particular it’s affect on the Middle East. Bottom line? Though the Russians feel absolutely justified advancing on Georgia, they may have miscalculated the long-term impact of the move.

Here, also, is the always thoughtful (and often brilliant) Belgravia Dispatch on McCain and Russo-Georgian conflict.


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