McCain Lost Saddleback

The difference in opinion about what happened at Saddleback may indeed represent a crystallization of people’s “worldviews” (or faith, as Rick Warren would have it).

I expect nothing less from the Republi-Conservative commentariat than the usual cheerleading for their man. Kristol, Gerson, et al. proclaim that McCain won big; it’s little wonder, they say, that Obama ducked the townhall meetings. McCain was at his best (questions of cheating aside).

However, from my perspective, Obama won the day and, I think, in the end, I will be proven right. One of Obama’s most important tasks is to introduce himself to people and help them trust him. His measured, thoughtful, and clearly honest responses to Warren’s questions helped enormously with that task. Especially in front of an audience that could be expected to be hostile to him. Americans desperately crave an honest politician. Obama is as close as you can get to that ideal. I noted with some pleasure, significant applause for a number of his positions. There is, and will be, some evangelical support for Obama. Before the event, 24% of evangelicals supported him. Let’s see what the polls say now that it’s over.

McCain, for his part, gets credit for remembering his lines. He knows his talking points and, as usual, he is being graded on a curve. The GOP must have been terrified that he would pull a classic dud debate performance. Relieved, they praise him to the rafters. But Americans who watched the whole show know who the real winner was. They felt it.


3 Responses to McCain Lost Saddleback

  1. Ronda says:

    I have to agree with you 100%. At first I was a little nervous, then I thought about both segments. McCain was quick to answer quesions, even before they were asked. McCain also, not one uttered the words, Jesus, God, Christ, or Lord, not once. McCain faced the audience, which to me seemed like he was performing, instead of having a conversation on faith.

    On the other hand Obama was more authentic. Obama spoke intelligently, some people say that he stutters. I have to say that I have met a number of very intelligent individuals, an what I found was they may seem to stutter, however, they are thinking of way to explain their position to where no question is unturned.

    I find it interesting that commentators and the media, claims of Obama being thoughtful when answering is somehow making that out to be a negative thing.
    Personally, McCain scares me, his quck responses does not reflect experience at all. It show lack of judgment and thought of all aspects of any subject.
    Somehow his POW experience is the only thing that he is running on. What has he done in recent years for America, that’s the question.

    Can I get an answer?

  2. William says:

    Obama lost…

    “Above my pay grade?”, what kind of stupid dodge is that?????

    Please, what a bad joke!

    This is just a taste of the future, soon as you get him away from a teleprompter and he falls apart.

  3. seattlevoter says:

    I believe Obama’s comment, “Above my pay grade”, simply showed his unwillingness to pass moral judgement on others. Like any true Christian, he believes that only God has the right to pass judgement on others.

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