Just Like That, Obama’s Back in Front

Both CBS News/NY Times and NBC News/Wall Street Journal have him ahead by 3%. And the daily Gallup tracking poll has him up by 2%. Bottom line? They’re tied, as they have been for a while.

Again, don’t believe the hype about Obama’s lead being smaller than it should be. There is no historical parallel for this situation. Period. His lead is what it is. Don’t fight it. Love it. And use the fear that a McCain surge might inspire to ensure that it does not happen. To arms, my friends! There are two months left after the conventions. Start scrimping on coffee and lunches and send the money to Obama and the Democrats.

BTW, Obama’s campaign needs more talk like this:

McCain’s “tendency is to shoot first and to ask questions later,” she (Susan Rice) said on a conference call alongside former White House anti-terrorism adviser Richard Clarke, who called the Republican “trigger-happy” and “reckless.”

McCain, according to Rice, “cheer-led (President George W.) Bush’s decision to take our eye off the ball and start a war in Iraq that had nothing to do with 9/11.”

“This is a record that belies anything approaching sound judgment,” she said.

Clarke added, “he has consistently been quick-draw McCain here on every issue. His first instinct is to rattle sabers and look for a military solution.”

Love it. And also love Richard Clarke, the only truly honorable official in the aftermath of 9/11.


2 Responses to Just Like That, Obama’s Back in Front

  1. ghostdansing says:

    i personally will be voting the Democratic Ticket….. i think we’ve had quite enough of “movement conservativism” and the Republicans….

  2. David Driver says:

    What sound judgment is not;

    Claiming that 9/11 and Saddam are not both part of the same larger problem that America and the West face from the growing (and it IS growing) threat from Islam in the Middle East; And then using the argument that the action in Iraq must somehow be tied specifically to the events of 9/11 to be justified.

    That is siimply a fallacy.

    Unfortunately one much of America is blind to. Unfortunate for America that is. Fortunate though, for the self-appointed social-engineers of the extreme liberal left.

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