McCain +5: That Chill Down Your Spine

It’s right there on Drudge and on the top of RCP. You see it and a cold sweat breaks out on your forehead. Get used to it. Love it. No matter how many times someone says Obama should be up by ten, don’t believe the hype. This is a divided country and Obama is a black man with a Muslim name. Period.

A few things:

1. It’s going to be close the whole way. No one is going to break out. The key thing is to focus on states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio. Florida, too.

2. If McCain has a lead, the press might actually start to do its job. Right now, they are simply reporting whatever attack John McCain makes on Obama. With the spotlight, comes the scrutiny. He will not get a free pass.

3. An inside fastball is good for the Obama camp. It is not enough to play strong defense. It’s time for strong offense. John McCain used to be a different kind of politician too. The point? Start throwing mud. Hardcore mud.

4. It’s the economy, stupid. All the foreign policy talk plays to McCain’s strength. Let’s change the focus to inflation, housing, and Phil Gramm. Run commercials that use McCain’s words against him (there are dozens of worthy clips).

5. It’s about the fight. Enjoy it. Take it to the Republicans every day. Volunteer, give money, talk to people, take action!

The Republicans know that nothing motivates people more than fear. With McCain at +5 (it’s just one poll, but hey, August is coming to a close. Time to get serious.), turn that motivation into victory for Obama.


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