Why is McCain Struggling in Arizona?

The most recent poll from Mason-Dixon shows McCain up by only 6% over Obama in his home state of Arizona.

This is a shocking drop from the double digit leads he enjoyed earlier in the year. Clearly, one should expect a candidate to be winning by a larger margin in their home state. For instance, Barack Obama is enjoying a lead, according to Real Clear Politics, of 21.7% in Illinois.

So what accounts for this sorry showing by the original maverick?

It’s probably safe to say that it has something to do with the economy, the housing crisis, which has hit Arizona hard, and that state’s familiarity with the economic prowess of Quick-Draw McCain. While he is obsessing over a regional conflict in the Caucasus, the people of his state are wondering how they’re going to pay their mortgages.

Their assessment is reflected in this poll.


2 Responses to Why is McCain Struggling in Arizona?

  1. AZnative says:

    Because we’re finally catching on that he’s a phony. The guy has traded on his war record for forty years. He’s hoping that it will work all the way to the White House

  2. jacob1207 says:

    Obama has started putting resources into the state, with plans to air some TV ads. Even with this it’s probable the state will go for McCain. However, the effort is generating free publicity for Obama (“Hey, look, he’s advertising on McCain’s own turf!”) and makes the Republican appear on the defensive everywhere. If he’s gotta work to win his own state, where people presumably know him best, how good a president could he make? Not necessarily the best line of thinking, but certainly a natural one. Plus, Obama has a huge money advantage and wants to spread McCain thin.


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