Democratic Convention – Day 3

The Dems were ridonkulous, ricrunkulous, bananas. Really, just too, too good.

Other thoughts:

Harry Reid: Not great delivery, tough to be the first speaker of the evening. Otherwise a good speech. “Kindly old Doc McCain’s Magic Oil Elixir.” Drill here, drill now, “an 18th century solution to a 21st century problem.”

Patrick Murphy: Iraq veteran, Rep. from PA. On stage with soldiers. Oh, yeah. Ass kicking! Bush quick with the photo-ops with soldiers, but abandoned them in Walter Reed. This guy is a real up-and-comer. Irish, from PA, a fine speaker and a vet. Aw, shit, look out! Remember his name.

Madeleine Albright: Borrring.

Evan Bayh: Bush done in five months! Talking points, talking points. McCain not the change we need, repeatedly. Remember, bring ’em on? Reckless incompetence. Thank god Obama didn’t pick him.

Jack Reed: The troops love Obama! They “know a leader when they see one.”

Bill Clinton: The Natural. The Absolute Natural. What else can you say?

He came through in the biggest possible way. His “eight years in office and entire post-presidential career” has “convinced him that Barack Obama is the right man for the job.”

The world needs to see the “power of our example rather than the example of our power.” Clear, generous, compelling, he left nothing on the table and made one of the great speeches in convention history.

Drew comparisons between himself and Obama, remembering another president they said was too young and inexperienced. He is the greatest politician of our time. David Brooks called it the closing argument. He is right. Clinton is Obama’s closer. Obama for President!

John Kerry: An impossible task, following the Natural. One has to pity John Kerry, but it’s a good thing Clinton didn’t go directly ahead of Biden. Years ago, Michael Musto, the gossip columnist for the Village Voice, writing about the relative attractiveness of the ’04 Dems – Dean, Edwards, etc. – said, even Kerry was attractive in a Bela Lugosi kind of way. To this day, that cracks me up. But hey, unsurprisingly, Kerry did very, very well. “Candidate McCain vs. Senator McCain” – Nice! “Talk about being for it, before you were against it” – Very nice! He’s taken a lot of lumps but he has always been a good politician and a principled Democrat. Kept the momentum going after Clinton. Great job!

Chet Edwards: I was in the shower.

Military Video: Okay, tears. So they did it. Afterward on PBS, Gwen Ifill talked with three Vets for Obama, all of whom made cogent, sound arguments for Obama. Obama “understands strategic vision and not just tactical success.”

Beau Biden: Attorney General from Delaware. Off to Iraq, Captain in the Army Reserve. Another young star. Look for Beau Biden in the future.

Joe Biden: Mom – Katherine Eugenia Finnegan Biden. Fight, never quit, get out there and bloody their noses. A true representative of America’s promise. A middle class guy who comes from and understands every day Americans. Obama/Biden is the great American story. A convincing, vote-winning, spot-on speech. John McCain was wrong and Barack Obama was right. Biden rocked it.


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