Note to Obama’s Ad Team

I just gave more money to Obama, and since I am repeatedly told that this is my campaign, here’s how I want my money spent:

On attack ads that use footage of McCain damning himself. Not quotes, not Microsoft ads. Footage of John McCain. Here are a couple of good examples:

Now why do I say this? Because whoever is doing Obama’s commercials is doing, at best, a mixed job. Just look at this ad:

Is that James Taylor? Who are you targeting with this ad? White wine sippers at Tanglewood? People have to listen to the words of the song and read McCain’s quotes? Are you fucking kidding me?

Listen, the most effective political commercial in recent memory was Bush’s Kerry flip-flop, “I voted for it, before I voted against it.” The reason why? Kerry damned himself. They are the simplest, most effective possible ads. They spoon feed the viewer. McCain’s team has used them with precision and enormous efficacy.

But the Obama ad team has not. What are you waiting for? The post-mortem?

Why hasn’t there been a Biden bounce? Because McCain’s team neutralized it with footage of the man himself criticizing Obama using the exact same language McCain is using. It just looks terrible. So when McCain picks Romney you better have an ad of Mitt on video tearing into McCain. Furthermore, load the cannons full with McCain’s flip-flops, lies, and hypocrisy and show them over and over again.

Axelrod, Plouffe, are you getting this? Get your shit together or get a new ad team.

That’s my $100 worth.


5 Responses to Note to Obama’s Ad Team

  1. harddriller says:

    You paid for Obamas appetizers in Hawaii

  2. obama4eva says:

    finally. what are they waiting for. I thought the same thing. there are so many great videos on youtube but somehow Obama is running these pale little imitations. wake up, obama, you’re in a dog fight.

  3. boyer says:

    Absolutely right. Saturate Ohio with those two videos and this race is over. If they don’t do it, they deserve to lose.

  4. eee says:

    The other thing he’s got to stop doing is playing so much defense. He’s one step behind the curve. It’s good to respond, it’s better to initiate. Seven houses and Bush are fine but how about linking the Iraq war to our crumbling economy? How about one trillion dollars down the tubes? John McCain can’t lead because he doesn’t realize that war costs money.

  5. Denny Reagan says:

    John McCain’s add says that he has changed Washington.
    I don’t see any change.Why isn’t someone asking him what he’s changed. It looks like the business as usual to me.

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