McCain is Out of Touch with the Working Man

Whoa. Got this from Daily Kos (again). It’s worth spreading around.

On the video…

John McCain taunted workers at an AFL-CIO meeting who were concerned that immigration tends to depress wages in the US.

Just watch. It is a perfect example of some of the many things that are wrong with McCain:

  • He is completely out of touch with the working man and knows nothing about the economy.
  • He has no impulse control and doesn’t think before he speaks.
  • He is downright stupid.
  • Can you imagine the danger in sending this unstable hothead on a state visit to a foreign country? “I challenge you to start a war with us. You couldn’t do it.”

    Update (8/28/08): With impecable timing for this post, another brilliant Phil Gramm moment with one of McCain’s health advisors. Everyone has health coverage because they can go to the emergency room. Didn’t ya know? It’s getting exhausting keeping track of these knuckleheads.


    One Response to McCain is Out of Touch with the Working Man

    1. harhar says:

      damn straight. what an asshole.

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