Did Bush/McCain Provoke War in Georgia?

Russian leader Vladimir Putin suggested that the U.S. provoked the Russo-Georgian conflict in order to benefit John McCain. Hmmm. One would love to rule out the idea as absurd, but given what we know about Bush/McCain and the general sleaze factor of the GOP, you can’t. So…is Putin right?

Well, here are some questions for some intrepid journalist to ask:

  • Things aren’t exactly turning out the way Saakashvili must have hoped. Did Cindy McCain go to Georgia to placate him? If not, why send her at all?
  • What contact did McCain’s top foreign policy advisor, Randy Scheunemann, a former lobbyist for Georgia, have with that country’s government prior to the conflict?
  • Indeed, what contact did McCain have with Saakashvili before the conflict?
  • Did the Russo-Georgian conflict benefit the McCain campaign?
  • Does McCain regret the unstable exaggeration, “We Are All Georgians?”
  • I know we’re supposed to dismiss any suggestion of evil intent and/or political manipulation by our leaders as ludicrous. But don’t you think somebody should ask? McCain has an awfully close relationship with Saakashvili and Georgia. And provoking this conflict was, unquestionably, a stupid move.

    So why not investigate a little? If there’s just smoke and no fire, then our basic assumptions about our leaders will be reinforced. That would be a good thing for all of us.


    2 Responses to Did Bush/McCain Provoke War in Georgia?

    1. King says:

      There’s little doubt Bush/Cheney and McCain/Scheunemann are all connected to the Georgian conflict given their responses after the war broke out.

      Those who are very good at hiding/planning something should also remember those who are very good at seeking out.

    2. […] would posit a third possible explanation. With a $1 billion payoff at the […]

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