Notes on Sarah Palin for VP

  • If there is one person responsible for this pick it is Hillary Clinton. Without her persistence in the primaries, and the ridiculous media meme that there are 18 million Hillary voters up for grabs, Sarah Palin would be in Alaska today. Democrats can now, in retrospect, be grateful to her, as the pick looks disastrous.
  • On the other hand, Palin is a very likable woman. I just watched a bunch of her videos on YouTube and she is a true “hockey mom” type who will remind voters of the woman who ran the bake sale at their kid’s school. This could be bad, or this could be good. She’s not a dope, and she’s attractive. So Hillary, you’re on the hook if this pans out for McCain.
  • Not only does this pick negate (obliterates) the experience question, but it retroactively calls into question John McCain’s judgment again. What the hell has he been talking about for all these weeks? Did he not mean it? Can America withstand this kind of deep, flip-flopping instability? I’m serious. This isn’t my normal partisan attack. Is he nuts?
  • Can you imagine the anguish of the neocons at this pick? Can you just see the Weekly Standard crew over lunch this week, picking at their arugula salads and crying into their Sancerre? After they find out where she stands on Israel (she’s for it, yes! – or is she???), they’ll make it sound like a brilliant, innovative pick, but secretly, they’ll be dying inside. I love the Palin for this reason alone.
  • Lastly, and this is serious, McCain only has one avenue of attack left. What is it? Race. Look for Jeremiah Wright commercials, questions about Obama’s “rootless” life, nasty insinuations about his connection to Islam, and more. Rove is in charge here and they’re going for the jugular.
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    3 Responses to Notes on Sarah Palin for VP

    1. heather says:

      you are absolutely right: this woman brings nothing but more mccain. the gop is pandering and trying for hillary’s votes, unfortunately, palin is pro-life, pro-guns, pro-death penalty and anti-gay marriage. not such a good mix for democrats — even hillary democratics.

    2. missify says:

      The one think that clouds reason….is hate, hate, and more hate. Sigh. As both an African American and a woman, and a recent law grad, I will definitely be looking at how future elections could be run without both bigotry and the sex-ploitation of gender–especially when Americans are facing the most unstable period in more than one area of life. I want the BEST person to have enough confidence in her or his ability, not to feed to the fears that still subject my people to the same deadly intolerance that once prevented us from voting (and we still have not been granted the infinite right to vote in this land).

      This is one woman McCain has not duped.

    3. verizon says:

      Right on analysis. good post. Is he nuts should be Obama’s campaign slogan.

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