Hurricane Irony

With rich novelistic irony, Hurricane Gustav continues to bear down on New Orleans just in time for the GOP convention.

Of course, this is real life, and not a novel, so one hopes and prays that no one will be hurt.

That said, it would be deeply unnatural in our religious society (and, indeed, among humans more generally throughout history) not to see this as a sign from God.

For Americans, Gustav reverberates with meaning far greater than the power of its winds. Wherever your place on the political spectrum, Gustav symbolizes, in this moment, not only the utter failure of the Bush/McCain GOP, but God’s judgment upon them.

Let us all hope that, at least, we are prepared this time.


3 Responses to Hurricane Irony

  1. Michael says:

    “Of course, this is real life, and not a novel, so one hopes and prays that no one will be hurt.”

    Since we are in the literary motif, this post is in the same genre as Robertson’s hurricane diatribes or Focus on the Family’s pray for rain at the DNC. I for one, don’t see it as a sign from God that a Sept. hurricane (common) happens to hit at the same time as the RNC. And so I am unnatural? Gustav doesn’t symbolize anything for me. This post, however, symbolizes the continued need of Americans to focus on something besides the issues.

  2. Matty says:

    Michael, dude, it was called Hurricane Katrina. Look it up. It’s right on Wikipedia. And that is a big, fat issue.

  3. Michael says:


    You missed my point. I am well aware of Hurricane Katrina. This post is not about that. What that has to do with people talking about God sending them to their enemies is another matter entirely.

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