How Voters Will Judge Sarah Palin

GOP propaganda assets posing as journalists, bloggers, talking heads, etc., are reinforcing the laugh line that Sarah Palin is more experienced than Barack Obama because she has executive experience.

Forget the fact that by that standard, she’s more experienced than John McCain.

It doesn’t make a difference. She has no experience dealing with or thinking about the issues that confront the president of the United States. And this is what makes her dangerous to our country. You are talking about, essentially, the head of the PTA from a small-town facing down – should the very real possibility that McCain dies in office come to eventuate – Putin, Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez, and a host of complex foreign policy problems (like the two ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, for starters).

Beyond that, she has no experience dealing with or thinking about national domestic issues (outside of drilling in ANWAR – which, for her, is a local issue). What does Sarah Palin know about economics, monetary policy, the Federal Reserve, the housing crisis, healthcare, and on and on?

The issue here is not that Obama has run his huge campaign magnificently – he has – the issue revolves around mindset and engagement. Both Barack Obama and Joe Biden blow the doors off Sarah Palin in this regard. Furthermore, Obama, by any measure, is an intellectual powerhouse. I like Sarah Palin, she seems like a nice lady, but we’ve already suffered through eight years of weak intellectual vigor.

Voters judge based on an emotional reaction. They’ll like Sarah Palin, but she is inexperienced and unknown. They won’t vote for her. Their guts will tell them that the smart, calm, deliberative guy – who they also like – is the better bet. The GOP better rein in the use of their laugh line before the joke is on them.

Voters don’t like to be insulted.


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